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Book 4

Sepp  The Cape in the Seventies

In Book#4 Sepp moves on, to the Western Cape, and his wife falls in love with the endless ‘Whites Only’ beaches, and the warm water of the Indian Ocean. She gets disappointed because Sepp accepts an offer to work for an American Investor and his daughter. Without knowing who Walter van Russbourg really is, and because of circumstances beyond Sepp’s control, he is making a ‘lot’ of money. 







Sepp’s Odyssey had led him from the Frankenland to the Hansestadt. After realizing that he had to move on, he lived and worked in Andalusia, before his travels led him to the most southern tip of Africa. In South Africa, Sepp got to know the people and learned about the ‘pencil test.’ “Whenever it was unclear what classification a person should be put in. The simply pushing a pencil through a person’s hair determines the racial identity, and with this, it’s easy to classify a person as White, Coloured or Black!”


Sepp, The Cape is book #4 in a series of fiction writing describing a section of Sepp’s Odyssey before the turn of the century.


Sepp meets influential and powerful businessmen and becomes close friends with Walter van Russbourg. The same, or was it his wife Alexis, who sees more in Sepp than Sepp could have ever imagined. With this Sepp is on a roll, and soon on many trips to America and back.


Sepp works hard and does his best. He takes risks to please his bosses of which he has more than one. In the United States of America, Sepp’s dream of home ownership is turning into reality.



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