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Book 1

Sepp  Sudetenland to Kleinerort

In Book#1 the reader is introduced to Sepp’s family, a shoemaker who had left his shop in Troppau in 1945, and a farmer’s wife deported from the Sudetenland in January of 1949. A rape at the train station belongs to the family story. Sepp, happens to happen 9 months later. He grows up where people don’t embrace and nurture him, so he wishes with all his heart to get away, far-far away.


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“…the so-called Sudeten Germans, or former Czechoslovakia's three-million-strong ethnic German minority, should have been happy to be merely expelled from their homeland in the wake of the second world war.”

"When a citizen of some country collaborates with a country that has occupied his state, an expulsion is a subtler [form of] punishment than, for example, a death penalty," Miloš Zemon the Czech President told a news agency!” May 17- 2013-Prague


Sepp’s parents belonged to the group of people, as addressed by the Czech President. Waldemar and Erika were Sudeten Germans and based on what he said they needed to be grateful to be alive.


Sepp, Sudetenland to Kleinerort is book #1 in a series of fiction writing describing the starting point of Sepp’s Odyssey, which includes his parents forcible expulsion from their ‘Heimat’ the Sudetenland and  being resettled in the Frankenland. It’s the story of an overwhelmed, battered and defeated Erika falling from the train into the arms of an unprepared, much surprised man, by name of Waldemar Schuster.


Sepp was born in Northern Bavaria, and he grows up in the American Zone of West Germany. Sepp, Sudetenland to Kleinerort describes Sepp’s youth, and his attempts to fit in. It also is the starting point for his travels, his quest for a better life, to find his ‘Heimat’ which leads him from Bavaria to the Hansestadt.


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