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Book 3

Sepp Goldminecity and Apartheid

In Book#3 Sepp gets fired and is on the road to look for work, which he finds because he is used to work hard. Aside from being willing to work, Sepp has papers. There are the certificates for the completed apprenticeship as waiter, the apprenticeship as a cook, and an apprenticeship as Hotel manager. He also has a Hotel school letter which shows 7 years of Hotel school with his apprenticeships and above average high marks. After working in Andalusia, Sepp works at the 5-star All-Suites hotel in South Africa, and experiences the world of the famous, the affluent, the rich and the want-to-be-somebody. Sepp learns more about apartheid then he ever wanted to know, in an Apartheid Era South Africa.







In the 1970s at the 5-star All-Suite Hotel Sepp heard the first time the comparison: "Israel and South Africa have one thing above all else in common: they are both situated in a predominantly hostile world inhabited by dark peoples."


Sepp Goldminecity is book #3 in a series of fiction writing describing sections of Sepp’s Odyssey during the past century.


Sepp’s Odyssey has led him from the Frankenland to Northern Germany.


After completing three apprenticeships in the Hansestadt and arriving at a point where he thought he had it made Sepp finishes his military training. The sudden unexpected loss of employment forces Sepp to search and find work. Luck is with him. He finds a management position at the Costa del Sol. It’s a dream job. When he awakens, he leaves Andalusia in a hurry.


Next Sepp is heading to the most southern tip of Africa. At the 5-star All-Suite Hotel, Sepp is proving that he is the expert in his field, well trained and knowledgeable in table service, ‘haute cuisine,’ and management. Here he learns a lot, being the Room Service Manager for 227 Suites. Sepp meets and is of service to many famous personalities. Sepp and his team provide in-room-food&beverage-service to heads of state, politicians, international bankers, rugby players, arms dealers, movie stars, stage actors and entertainers, businessmen, diamond buyers, and sellers alike. He works long hours for a small paycheck and big gratuities.


In 1976 Sepp left town about the time of the Soweto uprisings, for a Food & Beverage Manager position at a 3star hotel at the Indian Ocean in the Cape Province.



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